Security Officer Training and Certification

All our officers are licensed through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services and go through extensive background checks with the Federal Bureau of Investigations and California Department of Justice. We administrate a minimum of two interviews prior to hire and a mandatory 100% drug test on every potential employee (as well as random after hire).

We take great pride that our security guards are noted by all of our clients as the best on the market with their training, skills, professionalism, responsibility, attitude, tact, sobriety and uniform appearance. With constant training and supervision, we go the extra mile to make sure that our officers are always ready to do what it takes to protect your assets in a confident and professional manner.

Our unique In-house Training program has been developed by the Company COO based on many years of his security experience and has been certified by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services as an extensive course of training for Security Officers in California. All Bald Eagle Security employees have to attend the training and get certified within the first 6 months of the employment. In addition, our training program requires all our guards to attend yearly refresher courses on all security procedures and laws related to the security industry. Our in-house education and training program includes all important aspects of the officers’ duties with greatest emphasis on Customer Service. 

Here are some topics from the program: 
Public Relations;
Observation and Documentation
Report Writing
Customer Service
Communications Skills
Handling Difficult People (“Verbal Judo”)
Emergency Response
Power to Arrest
First Responders Communication
Crowd Control
CPR/First Aid
Liability and Legal aspects of Security/Safety
Terrorism Awareness
Weapons of Mass Destruction and Bomb Threats
Acts of Nature, Evacuation and Survival
Workplace Violence