Our Security Guards Are the Best In the Business

We take great pride in the fact that our security guard services are the best in the business.  In San Diego we are well known for maintaining a perfect record of providing first class security officers with exceptional training, skills, professionalism, responsibility and attitude. 

Our security officers receive continual training and supervision to ensure that they are always prepared to do what it takes to protect your organization’s assets in a confident and professional manner.

We provide a range of services to meet your particular needs:

san diego private security* Unarmed, uniformed security officers to serve communities and businesses where a professional, uniformed presence is of the highest importance. 

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* Unarmed security officers dressed in a professional tie and blazer to perform lobby and concierge services where discretion and a thoughtful approach are typically required.

best security guard company San Diego* Vehicle patrol services are performed by uniformed and experienced patrol officers driving in distinctively marked and highly visible company vehicles. We equip each vehicle with an online GPS tracking unit.

All vehicle patrols are dispatched in random order instead of according to a fixed schedule, to avoid patrol predictability. This randomness is a highly effective technique for improving security and deterring crime in the community and your business.

* 24/7 emergency response services are also provided by uniformed patrol drivers and field supervisors. With a single call from you, a professional will be at your property within minutes to resolve any type of security issue and provide a detailed post incident report.

Parking Policy Design, Development, and Enforcement enhances your property value, appearance, and puts at ease any possible parking challenges.  

Security Guard Duties Include:
* Conduct routine maintenance inspections, checking doors, windows, gates, fences, locks, lights, access ways, heating and fire equipment.
* Check common areas, such as clubhouse and laundry rooms, gym and pool area and verify that common areas are only being used by residents and guests during approved hours.
* Patrol the perimeter
* Lock and unlock common areas and other secured facilities
* Prevent theft
* Enforce parking rules
* Respond to residents’ concerns

Bald Eagle Security Services goes the extra mile to make sure that our clients feel secure in their homes and businesses and that their assets are being taken care of. To hear what our clients have to say about our professional security guard services, check out our “Testimonials” page.

To make an appointment or to learn more about why we are the preferred security company San Diego business owners have come to rely upon, please give us a call at 619-230-0022 or email us at dmitriyt@baldeaglesecurity.com today.