Management and Leadership

Strong ownership involvement is one of the key factors of being the best on the, nowadays, tough market. Bald Eagle Security was founded and is owned by Dmitriy Todorov and Andrea Robinson.

The foundation of Bald Eagle Security is its COO, Dmitriy Todorov. Through a lot of hard work he has gained in-depth security knowledge that takes years to acquire. His experience ranges from practicing current security protocols established by the Department of Homeland Security to completing the advanced Special Forces training of the Naval Academy of the former Soviet Union. Dmitriy has a Law Degree and over 20 years of security experience in different fields of security from around the globe. As a result he has gained a real insight into how to provide excellent security in a tactful, punctual and reassuring way.   

Andrea Robinson is the President of Bald Eagle Security. She has over 30 years experience as a CPA, works as a business consultant for multi-million dollar corporations, and has worked with dozens of San Diego businesses. She knows what it takes to make a business successful. Andrea has taken every step to ensure that Bald Eagle Security is well capitalized, well managed, and capable of sustained growth.