How Can We Help You?

Is great customer service what you are looking for in your security/courtesy patrol service? 

Residential communities have unique needs with respect to security and privacy while maintaining a friendly, customer service oriented environment. Bald Eagle Security understands these needs and provides their officers with a high degree of integrity, professionalism and customer service skills to ensure that the residents feel comfortable where they live and confident that their safety is in the hands of superior security personnel. To that extent, Bald Eagle Security adds value to residential communities and upscale high-rise residential properties by delivering security with excellent customer service. We customize our residential services to meet the unique needs of each property. Bald Eagle Security starts with a no-cost property assessment and designs an extensive educational program for each property to meet all needs of the community including security, concierge, access control and, most importantly, outstanding customer service. 

Is efficiency a high priority for you?

As well as the latest GSM technology we also utilize Real Time reporting software that provides, not only continual monitoring of all our security officers’ activities and patrol vehicles, but supports it with pictures and video images of the incidents and proper actions of our personnel. This gives us the ability to provide our clients with complete online reports in real time by real people. These activity reports are stored electronically, allowing us to review with the clients, on a same day, or at a later date, any concerns they have with our officers’ patrol. Bald Eagle Security also offers hands-on management, which eliminates bureaucratic red tape and ensures you get immediate response to your questions and concerns. We are always accessible, easily reachable and happy to provide a secure and courteous environment to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Are you interested in avoiding lawsuits?

Any security failure can result in a lawsuit in today’s litigious society. Lawsuit components – long meetings with lawyers, endless depositions, and court and attorney costs can destroy budgets and your company's overall value and reputation. Solid, vigilante and highly professional security support is the best way to protect yourself from becoming embroiled in legal conflicts stemming from security issues. Our five year history has proven that the manner in which Bald Eagle Security handles any incidents or issues on the properties is unmatchable and has never been questioned by authorities. We are very proud that as a first choice in security, we have exceeded all of our clients’ expectations so that they never feel the need to find another security provider.