Focus on the Event – Leave the Security to Us

Any time the general public is allowed onto a company's premises, security is warranted. Although conventions, luncheons and other special events may seem harmless, they can in fact pose security risks, either due to unwanted guests coming to the event or behavior from the invitees themselves. Anything can happen at a gathering, especially at events where there is alcohol available or work events where emotions may be running high. If guests get out of hand, the situation can become embarrassing or even dangerous. 

Security for hospitality events can detect these situations before they occur. This keeps the event running smoothly, a key factor at meetings where appearances are important. Security on site prevents guests from potentially being exposed to dramatic scenes, and intervention is immediate. 

Hiring special event security helps companies plan hospitality events more efficiently. Rather than spending time planning for security risks they are not prepared to deal with, the planners and staff can focus on the event itself, resulting in a better event overall. 

Security can be an asset at many different hospitality events. Company luncheons and dinners are common events where extra security is needed. 

At Bald Eagle Security, we specifically train our staff to look for warning signs and intervene immediately and discreetly. Through years of experience, we have learned to identify and address issues before they become a problem. Our staff is trained to blend into any situation, thus providing excellent security without making guests feel "watched." We have the experience and know ­how to give individualized responses to each situation, while always maintaining our dedication to integrity, discretion, and professionalism.