Commercial, Industrial, and High Rise Security

Our commercial and industrial clients know that Bald Eagle Security Services understands their business and excels over other commercial security companies. Building owners, REITS and property management companies appreciate our unique expertise, flexibility and resources when it comes to providing unique corporate security solutions. 

Bald Eagle Security's qualified and knowledgeable corporate security team serves all kinds of commercial properties—from warehouses and manufacturing plants to corporate office parks, Class A office buildings, and other high-traffic facilities. From our recruiting and training processes to our placement of experienced security professionals at your real estate properties, we specialize in keeping your property and assets safe. 

High Rise Office Buildings 

Security Officers in high rise office buildings must fulfill their security mission with a high degree of customer service and interpersonal skills. We pride ourselves on our reputation as the highest quality security provider for these sites. Read what our clients are saying about our security services. The keys to quality security service in high rise office buildings and office parks are training and stability (or low turnover). Bald Eagle Security excels in both of these areas. Because we carefully match the skills and personalities of our Officers with the “personality” of the site, our turnover among Officers assigned to office buildings is significantly lower than the nationwide turnover for security officers. This results in a higher level of knowledge of the building and its systems and higher morale among the Officers, both of which contribute to a higher quality of service. 

Commercial Industrial and High Rise Officer Training 

All Officers assigned to these sites receive an extensive and intensive training course specifically for office buildings, which covers the following subjects:

  • Explosive Devices, 
  • Bomb Threats, and Search Procedures Preventative measures Dealing with bomb threats 
  •  Search procedures Bomb incident plans 
  •  Terrorism 
  •  Terrorist action and activities 
  •  Counter-terrorist strategies 
  •  Alarm Systems Training 
  •  Alarm conditions 
  •  Perimeter protection 
  •  Interior protection 
  •  System controls 
  •  Fire Prevention and Detection 
  •  Principles of fire elimination 
  •  Prevention equals good security 
  •  Recognizing fire hazards 
  •  Classification of fire High rises - in case of fire 
  •  Emergency Planning and Disaster Control 
  •  General planning guidelines 
  •  Outline of action 
  •  Contacting the authorities 
  •  Warning and communication systems 
  •  Establishing perimeter security