A Professional San Diego Security Firm.

Bald Eagle Security Services is a professional San Diego security firm founded in 2004 by owners Dmitriy Todorov and Andrea Robinson. As longtime residents of San Diego, the founders are devoted to doing everything possible to make the city a more secure and comfortable place to live and work. Bald Eagle Security Services’ headquarters are located in San Diego and we are able to provide the best control over our security operations and the fastest response to emergencies in the region. Many of Bald Eagle’s clients are residential communities and businesses in downtown San Diego, however due to its excellent reputation the company has extensively expanded its security guard services throughout San Diego County over the last few years. 

Dmitriy Todorov
CEO and owner Dmitriy Todorov has an in-depth knowledge of the security industry, stemming from the advanced Special Forces training he received at the Naval Academy in the former Soviet Union. Following this rigorous military training, Dmitriy gained experience administering the advanced international security protocols of the cruise ship industry. Dmitriy is an expert practitioner of the current security requirements established by the United States Department of Homeland Security and Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. He earned a law degree and has spent more than 20 years providing security in a variety of capacities around the world. As a result, he has gained insight into providing the highest level of security in a tactful and reassuring manner. Since 2004, Dmitriy has been deploying his experience and training in San Diego as the owner and principle of Bald Eagle Security Services.

Andrea Robinson
Andrea Robinson is the president emerita of Bald Eagle Security Services. Having recently retired from the company, she now serves as its director. Andrea has more than 30 years’ experience as a certified public accountant. She has worked as a business consultant for multimillion-dollar corporations and a wide variety of San Diego companies. Her vast business experience gives her insight into what it takes to make a company not only succeed, but thrive. Andrea’s efforts have ensured that Bald Eagle Security Services is well capitalized, well managed and capable of achieving sustained growth over the long term.

Bald Eagle Security Services, Inc. is a San Diego based fully licensed Private Patrol Operator (License: PPO 15264), which complies with all laws and regulations of the State of California


I would like to thank you for the services that you provided at Gables Summerset……It has been over 7 years since we have Bald Eagle Security at this property, We consistently received the best customer service……….Having Bald Eagle gives my residents the peace of mind and receives the customer service they deserve. I will continue to work with Bald Eagle Security and they will be used at my new lease up property at Domain San Diego.

- Antonette Smith, Community Manager, Gables Residential


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Bald Eagle Security has been listed as one of the fastest growing companies of 2013...
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